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Ema Kajić: ”The audience and our fans can’t leave anyone indifferent!”

  • 23 May, 2019./ News

Ema Kajić, an experienced Croatian representative will perform once more in women’s compeition in Osijek. Ema has always been welcomed in Osijek and she keeps coming back here year after year. Her fifth place in Vault at the World Cup 2016 is one of the best results in her career, at least in her international career. This season DOBRO World Cup will be her first big competition, and here is what she has to say about her expectations for the competition.

How many times have you performed in Osijek and what is your favorite memory from Osijek?

I think this will be my sixth or seventh performance in Osijek, I am not quite sure. Each of the performances there is a beautiful memory because of the excellent conditions, oraganization, and our home audience.

What do you think that makes Osijek special to you? Why do you enjoy coming back here?

First of all, the world Cup in Osijek is very special to me because it is happening in my country. This is one of the main reasons why I enjoy coming back here. On top of this, the organisation here is excellent- starting from the competition, an excellent hall and perfect training conditions and there are also all the other events that are connected to the World Cup. The audience and our fans can’t leave anyone indifferent.

What are you preparing for this year’s World Cup in Osijek?

I will be competing in Vault as I have done every year and I will perform my standard routine.

What can you say about the competition in Osijek this year? What can the audience expect?

The competition is quite strong. Osijek is visited by the best gymnasts every year, and I believe that this year will not be an exception. My goal is to perform my routine as best as I can, but I can not guarantee anything. But one thing is sure, the audience will definitely have an opportunity to enjoy excellent gymnastics.

All the information about the competition and the finals that will be held in the Arena Gradski vrt on 25 May (3.30 p.m.) and on 26 May (2.30 p.m.) you can find at the official website of the competition, as well as on Facebook and Instagram profiles of the competition, the Gymnastics Club Osijek-Žito, and the Croatian Gymnastics Federation. Apart from the sports programme, a rich entertainment programme as a part of the FEELGOOD WEEKEND Festival at which Neno Belan&Fiumens (Friday, May 24) and Massimo (Saturday, May 25) will perform has also been announced.



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