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FIG WCC Osijek in the mission of merging sports and tourism

  • 30 May, 2021./ News

Although the largest city and urban center of Slavonia, Osijek truly provides a warm and pleasant atmosphere to all generations. Both athletes and tourist visitors are always happy to return because it provides the perfect combination of urban experience in a lighter rhythm, without much stress present in large urban areas.

DOBRO World Cup, the official stage of the FIG World Gymnastics Caravan, in a little less than 2 weeks will welcome in Osijek for the twelfth time the best Croatian, European and world gymnasts. Also sports and tourist image of the City on the Drava will be transmitted through small screens and social network in Croatia, but also globally.

The organization of major sporting events, especially when it brings together competitors and teams from around the world, necessarily needs the support of tourism institutions of all levels because it comes with a great opportunity to promote the city and the host region in the wider international context.

“DOBRO World Cup is one of the three TOP sports events organized in Osijek and definitely positions Osijek on the world sports map. A sports event of this rank is important for Osijek and the tourism of our destination, since it is a multi-day event that attracts many spectators with a large number of participants from over 30 countries, thus generating more nights and significant non-board consumption. During the DOBRO World Cup, there is a special positive energy in the city where everyone feels good, therefore we want gymnastics teams to make positive memories of the whole experience and for Osijek to remain in their hearts as a city that will always welcome them with open arms. “, The director of the Tourist Board of the City of Osijek, Tajana Rogulja, shared her impressions of the event.

Top organization and a large media presence of all activities that take place with the DOBRO World Cup increase the visibility of Osijek, but also Osijek-Baranja County as an interesting and competitive sport – tourist destination.

“With its position, Osijek represents an ideal start, but also a goal for all excursions in Osijek-Baranja County and beyond. It simply charms with the beauty of its nature, combining the modern and the historical. It is ideal for all visitors who love nature and staying in the fresh air, because with beautiful parks, a unique river promenade and spacious surroundings, it offers various opportunities to enjoy nature. Therefore, it is not surprising that Osijek is a city of sports, a city of top athletes and recreationists, a city oriented towards a healthy lifestyle. It is certainly worth mentioning Osijek and Slavonian hospitality, which is widely known and as such often represents the experience of the destination itself”, added Rogulja.

The Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board, led by its director Ivana Jurić, has recently made great strides in branding eastern Croatia on a broader national and international framework. Through the concept of HeadOnEast Croatia, Osijek – Baranja County is becoming “closer” to the rest of Croatia, especially in terms of tourism. Changes in perception were observed in a large number of visitors.

“Through the brand platform HeadOnEast Croatia or basically translated an invitation to go to the east of Croatia and discover the hedonism that this area offers, we began to communicate a different picture of Slavonia and Baranja to which we get a lot of positive reactions, and interest in visiting destinations is growing. Modern communication by which we present Slavonia and Baranja as a hedonistic oasis and the experience we offer, have a great influence on the perception of guests when visiting our destination, who experience a pleasant surprise”, says Ivana Jurić.

Sports and tourism have been going hand in hand lately, and the DOBRO World Cup is an event that has shaped Osijek as a city of gymnastics for the last ten years.

“We want the guests of the DOBRO World Cup to take with them the beautiful memories they experienced at the competition, but also the contacts they made with people – the parks, the views of the city, all the beautiful things this space has to offer with a sense of relaxed rhythm adapted to man, all with the aim of returning one day with their families or friends and to experience the full picture of all that Slavonia and Baranja offer.”, concluded the director of the Tourist board of the Osijek-Baranja County.

The official stage of the FIG World Gymnastics Cup in Osijek has for years had the strong support of the Croatian National Tourist Board through the Sports Croatia (Sportska Hrvatska) project, which co-finances the organization of the top sports events.

“DOBRO World Cup Osijek will gather the best gymnasts in the world in our Slavonia this year and thus contribute to the promotion of our country as an attractive tourist and sports destination. It will be a kind of last check before the Olympic Games, and to host the competition, especially in pandemic conditions, is a great responsibility, but also a confirmation that we are perceived by the world public as a quality, well-prepared and safe destination. From year to year, Slavonia is becoming richer with a diverse and interesting offer as well as tourist products for which the demand is continuously growing. I am sure that all competitors will enjoy the competition, but also the hospitality of the unique Slavonian hosts and bring a handful of positive experiences from Croatia.”, at the very end he pointed out Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić.

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