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FIG WCC Osijek with us again- FEEL GYMNASTICS

  • 3 May, 2021./ News

After the postponement of last year’s FIG WCC Osijek, we are proud to announce that the city of Osijek will host the world’s best gymnasts for the 12th time!

From June 10 to 13 in the Osijek arena Gradski vrt, top gymnasts from all over the world will compete for medals at the already well-known DOBRO World Cup, which is also one of the last competition for most athletes before the Olympic Games in Tokyo. This year, more competitors have registered than ever before. Numerous gymnasts from Europe and all over the world have already announced their arrival, and among them, the best Croatian gymnasts such as Olympians Ana Đerek, Tijana Korent, Tin Srbić, Filip Ude, and of course Osijek’s trump cards Robert Seligman and Aurel Benović

In accordance with the epidemiological situation, this year will differ from the previous ones, primarily in the organization of side – events of DOBRO World Cup. The announcement of the competition will be accompanied by the organization of Outdoor exercises led by famous gymnasts Robert Seligman and Aurel Benović. In addition, the now famous Longest splits in the world will be organized. The organization of the „Splits“ itself will be somewhat different from all previous ones. It will take place in as many as six cities throughout Croatia, namely Osijek, Zagreb, Čakovec, Split, Zadar and Rijeka.

Vladimir Mađarević, sports director of DOBRO World Cup Osijek
“We were surprised by the large number of registered countries, bigger than ever before – obviously a critical mass of the need for competitions has been created where gymnasts from around the world do not have the opportunity to compete at such a level. Currently, in the preliminary announcement, we have a record number of applications from around the world, and it is about 500 participants in total and 230 athletes, which I think is a very good figure for the tourist community. The event will be broadcast live on national television and I think that the most important thing is to make a very good production in the Gradski vrt hall and for the picture to go all over the world and to concentrate on that sports part which will be the fundamental carrier of our city, our region and everything of what we represent. “

The competition of the world’s best gymnasts in the arena Gradski vrt Osijek will not be able to be watched live by numerous spectators who filled the stands of the Osijek hall during the final days. That is why this year’s final competitions will be able to be watched live via Croatian television, and indirectly the picture from Osijek will go to millions of households around the world by international broadcast.

The organizers of the competition, the Croatian Gymnastics Federation together with the Gymnastics club Osijek – Žito, on the eve of the 12th edition of the DOBRO World Cup have great support from the City of Osijek, Osijek-Baranja County, Žito d.o.o., Zagrebačka banka d.d., Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Croatian National Tourist Board, Tourist board of the City of Osijek and Tourist board of the Osijek-Baranja County.

All information can be found on the official website of the event

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