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Tkalčec fifth, Seligman sixth, Ude eighth in the finals

  • 26 May, 2018./ News

On the first day of the finals at the DOBRO World Cup 2018 in the crowded Osijek’s City Hall Croatia had three finalists, Tijana Tkalčec in Vault, and Robert Seligman, and Filip Ude in Pommel horse. Tijana Tkalčec took the fifth place in Vault with a score of 13.384 (13.400, 13.367). The first place was won by the legendary 43-year old Uzbek Oksana Chusovita with a score of 14.127 (14.233, 14.200).

In the finals, in Pommel horse Filip Ude performed first. After a mistake, he took eighth place with a score of 11.833. Robert Seligman also did not perform his routine completely. In his hometown supported by many of his fellow citizens, he took the sixth place with a score of 13.533. The young representative of the Chinese Taipei Lee Chih Kai was brilliant and ended up celebrating with a score of 15.333.

Tijana Tkalčec:
– I am satisfied and a little surprised. This is far more than I have expected. The competition was strong and I am very pleased that I can perform with all these girls. It was truly a special feeling, a home audience. I am glad that there were so many people who supported our gymnasts. Osijek will definitely remain my favorite competition. This year the competition was organized the best and much better than at the all other World Cups. Everyone is thrilled not only us locals but overall everybody is extremely satisfied especially by how the start numbers were drawn.

Filip Ude:
– It was not good. I am disappointed. I performed the hardest routine with which I am planning to fight for the highest medal stands at the biggest competitions. This was an “experiment” because I do not have many opportunities to try the harder routine. We did not want to take the easier routine, which I performed in the qualifications because I can do it with my eyes closed so I wanted to try my hardest routine. The representative from the Chinese Taipei performed his routine very appealing and I am quite sure that he could not do it any better because this was excellent.

Robert Seligman:
– I went with a starting 6.1 if I have done everything but I did not. In the finals performed two Croatian representatives, we defended our country in front of the wonderful audience of Osijek. This is one in a row of the World Cups and we want to be the best possible but not everything is going as planned. I talked about how I was in good shape, how I did over 40 routines in a month but there was obviously pressure in front of the home audience present. Filip and I have made mistakes but everything with the intention of showing us as the best in front of the people who are supporting this event and in front of the audience, which supported us like this.


1. Dominick Cunningham GBR 14,867
2. Artem Dolgopyat ISR 14,633
3. Nicola Bartolini ITA 14,600
4. Chih Kai Lee TPE 14,200
5. Akim Mussayev KAZ 14,200
6. Tomas Kuzmickas LTU 13,867
7. Dimitar Dimitrov BUL 13,600
8. Kirill Prokopev RUS 12,900

1. Oksana Chusovitina UZB 14,217 (14,233, 14,200)
2. Tjasa Kysselef SLO 13,767 (13,733, 13,800)
3. Victoria Trykina RUS 13,700 (13,733, 13,667)
4. Yuliya Inshina AZE 13,400 (13,300, 13,500)
5. Tijana Tkalčec CRO 13,384 (13,400, 13,367)
6. Angelina Radivilova UKR 13,317 (13,600, 13,033)
7. Yamilet Pena Abreu DOM 12,900 (14,000, 11,800)
8. Nancy Taman EGY 12,667 (13,967, 11,367)


1. Chih Kai Lee TPE 15,333
2. Akim Musssayev KAZ 14,333
3. Vasili Mikhalitsyn BLR 14,100
4. Saso Bertoncelj SLO 13,933
5. Ludovico Edalli ITA 13,667
6. Robert Seligman CRO 13,533
7. Slavomir Michnak SVK 12,033
8. Filip Ude CRO 11,833

1. Diana Varinska UKR 14,000
2. Barbora Mokosova SVK 13,233
3. Noemi Makra HUN 13,100
4. Farah Hussein EGY 12,533
5. Dorina Boeczoego HUN 12,367
6. Varvara Zubova RUS 12,233
7. Tamara Mrđenović SRB 11,767
8. Maria Smirnova AZE 9,967

1. Marios Georgiou CYP 14,367
2. Sercan Demir TUR 14,300
3. Audrys Nin Reyes DOM 14,100
4. Botond Kardos HUN 13,867
5. Eddy Yusof SUI 13,833
6. Ludovico Edalli ITA 13,433
7. Nicola Bartolini ITA 13,367
8. Karl Idesjoe SWE 13,167

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