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Croatia broke the world record for “The longest split” in the world!

  • 24 March, 2024./ News

Croatia has set a new world record in the “Longest split”! Osijek, Zagreb, Čakovec, Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik joined forces with hundreds of people exactly at noon to form a human split as long as 2,422 meters, which symbolically announced the 15th edition of the gymnastics DOBRO World Cup in Osijek (April 4-7).

Last year’s record was “improved” by seven Croatian cities for 174 meters, and for the second year in a row the individual city with a record of 852 meters is Čakovec.

“We are the smallest city of all the registered organizers of the Longest split, yet we made the record. I think that about 300 people didn’t register at all, they didn’t arrive, so it would be an even longer. I am really proud that we are the best city for the second year in a row, but also that together with the other 6 Croatian cities we reached 2,422 meters, a new record. Our guest of honor in Čakovec was the legendary water polo player Dubravko Šimenc” said our silver Olympian Filip Ude from Čakovec.

The split in the shape of Olympic circles was formed by Zagreb, and part of it was another silver Olympian, the current vice-champion of the world and European champion, Tin Srbić, who was still signing autographs and taking photos with enthusiastic children long after the event.

“I really look forward to events like this because a lot of children gather and  I can see that they are enjoying this, that they are having fun, and it’s most beautiful picture that we can send to the world. The split in itself and how someone performs it is not important, it is important that many children, many people gather, that we all have fun together and that at the end of this gathering we symbolically announce the World Cup in Osijek. Personally, I am in very good shape, I am looking forward to the performance in Osijek and I believe that I will once again be able to make everyone happy in front of the home audience”, said Tin Srbić.

Croatian Gymnastics Federation always supports project’s like this.

“The Croatian Gymnastics Federation and the executive organizer of the DOBRO World Cup, Gymnastics club Osijek Žito, once again announced in the best possible way the DOBRO World Cup, which will be held in Osijek for the 15th time. The longest split is a beautiful project that Gymnastics club Osijek Žito started as part of the announcement of the World Cup, and this time it brought together 7 Croatian cities and hundreds of children who work together on the longest gymnastic split in the world. I invite all fans of gymnastics and sports to come watch the finals on April 6 and 7 from 3 p.m. and support our national team members and numerous Olympic and world medalists who are coming to Osijek”, invited Marijo Možnik, president of the Croatian Gymnastics Federation, who himself has twice was the winner of the Osijek World Cup.

Along with the Longest split, the host of the DOBRO World Cup, Osijek, successfully completed another commendable project, Outdoor training, which brought together hundreds of children and their parents.

“Luckily, we were served by good weather, it was sunny in all 7 cities, and this year we also had 4 adriatic and 3 continental cities. We broke the world record again. We recorded everything from the air and from the ground, and the recordings of those 7 cities are combined into one compilation which later serves as a presentation, promotion and announcement content for the DOBRO World Cup. With this longest split, we invite people to play sports, show that playing sports is healthy, that flexibility is one of the key elements of a quality life in general, both at an early age and at a later age. We also use split to unite Croatian cities into one unit, to show unity and a postcard of Croatia, because the Longest split takes place in some of the most beautiful places of these 7 cities”, said the director of DOBRO World Cup Osijek, Vladimir Mađarević.

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