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Competition in Osijek broadcast in over half a billion households

  • 25 July, 2019./ News

At the end of May yet another, this time the 11th edition of the DOBRO World Cup Osijek marked Croatian and Osijek’s sports scene. Once more competitors from more than 30 countries from Europe and the world arrived in the city on the Danube River. According to the report of the FIG, this year’s event in Osijek was again broadcast in over half a billion households all over the world.

Viewers in Brazil, Hong Kong, Russia, Canada, China, Australia and from 70 other countries had the opportunity to follow the outcome of this year’s finals of the World Challenge Cup Osijek.

„Personally, it is great pleasure to be a part of the DOBRO World Cup Osijek’s organization, and I hope that this is how all the participants with whom we have been building this big sports event from the beginning feel. Over the last ten years, we have created a sports event worth the respect in the world of gymnastics at which many of the best gymnasts in the world, as well as a large number of coaches and judges, enjoy performing and visiting. They enjoy coming to Osijek and they return home with valuable memories because we truly put effort into making the competitors feel comfortable and fulfilling their demands. On the other hand, we are continuously working towards improving the quality of the competition and making it more attractive – gymnastics is not an easy sport to follow and that is why it is important to provide the audience in the hall and those at home with as much entertainment and sports excitement as possible. We are lucky to have Srbić, Ude, Seligman, Benović, as well as Tijana Tkalčec and Ana Đerek which are all excellent Croatian gymnasts who promote the DOBRO World Cup and Croatia with their great results“, said Vladimir Mađarević, the director of the competition.

The organization of the competition in Osijek has already reached a high level, and to make the competition more interesting there are additional events in the time of the competition out of which the most important is the Gastro&Wine&Music Festival FEELGOOD WEEKEND. All this together, makes this event in Osijek attractive to the competitors and the viewers.

„We are proud that the FIG recognizes us as excellent event organizers because we are hoping that we will become in 2021. a qualification competition for the World Championship. In that case we can expect here in Osijek even more competitors and also that the competition will be broadcast from Osijek to a much larger number of households than the current 566 million. The excellent organization of the DOBRO World Cup contributes to the development of tourism of Osijek and eastern Croatia which is important because I believe that the time for the full tourism development of this region is yet to come”, concluded Mađarević at the end.


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