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DOBRO World Cup Osijek 2021: The final days can be followed in over 550 million households, a great promotion of Osijek – Baranja tourism

  • 21 May, 2021./ News

After last year, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, for the first time since 2009 world gymnastics the elite did not gather in Osijek, this year the Gradski vrt will feel gymnastics again. From June 10 till 13 will take place the 12th edition of the FIG WCC – DOBRO World Cup Osijek, one of the official stages in the FIG calendar. At this year’s edition of the competition, in the Olympic year, some of the Olympians, medal winners in the biggest competitions, will gather.

The strongest Croatian gymnastics team will also perform. This year, unfortunately, gymnastics competitions in the Gradski vrt will not be able to be watched live. Therefore, both final days (Saturday June 12 from 1 pm, Sunday, June 13 from 11.45 am) to broadcast live HRT 2. The signal from Osijek and the hall Gradski vrt will go all over the world. It is estimated that a possible broadcast range is even 550 million households.

The main organizers of the DOBRO World Cup are again this year the Croatian Gymnastics Federation and Gymnastics Club Osijek – Žito under the auspices of the City of Osijek, Osijek – Baranja County, Žito Group, Croatian Gymnastics Federation, Ministry of Tourism and Sports and Croatian National Tourist Board. Representatives of the organizers and sponsors spoke at a press conference which was held today in the arena Gradski vrt. On that occasion, a promotional film about the previous editions of the event was shown which will be a great invitation for June. Namely, the organizers are up to applications that have now arrived from 32 countries around the world.

Mr. Vladimir Mađarević (DOBRO World Cup Osijek)
“In very challenging times, we will organize this great sporting event again. Here in Osijek, the number of participating countries is rarely less than 30 every year, and this year that number will even be exceeded. It is already an indicator of how many have recognized the organization and the positive energy we send. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to watch the competition from the stands, but through programme of Croatian television, it will be possible to see numerous medal winners from world and European championships and the Olympic Games. Of course, our gymnasts will also perform, and I believe they will achieve great results again.”

Mr. Josip Bičvić (Žito Group)
“The Žito Group monitors and recognizes work and progress in every respect. In terms of organization, increasing media coverage, and what is most important to us and what makes us happiest, in terms of the number of children who train in gymnastics and who follow the gymnastics competition in Osijek. By supporting this event, our company feels good.

Mr. Marijo Možnik (Croatian Gymnastics Federation)
“As a long-term participant and gymnastics member of the national team this year, I will find myself in a different role at the competition in Osijek. First of all, I am glad that the competition will take place this year. This is an important event because it will be held in the Olympic year, so a large number of participants will come to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. It is a great pity that there will be no audience, because in previous years the Osijek audience raised the competition to a higher level. DOBRO World Cup in terms of organizational capacity is already in the TOP 3 gymnastics cups in the world, and it is recognized among the TOP 5 sports events held in our country. On behalf of the Croatian Gymnastics Federation, I would like to thank everyone who supports this competition. I am sure that Osijek will not disappoint this year either. Unfortunately, in a sea of fond memories, I must also mention one sad piece of news. Ivan Škoro, a man who was my predecessor in 2009 when the first World Cup was held in Osijek, left the gymnastics family. On behalf of the Croatian Gymnastics Federation, I would like to express my condolences to the family once again.”

Mrs. Žana Gamoš (City of Osijek)
„This year again we are welcoming the best Croatian gymnasts in a good mood and with optimism, but also the best on the world stage. The city of Osijek has proven to be responsible in these times, and sports and athletes have adapted well to these new circumstances. Thus, this year the Ferivi half marathon has already taken place in our city, the European Shooting Championship, the Pannonian challenge, and of course the DOBRO World Cup Osijek will take place soon. These are all opportunities to confirm that we continue to act responsibly. Osijek will once again present itself to the world as a city of sports. We are aware of how important the organization of major sporting events is for the branding of our city, and the organization of international sports events is included in the Sports Strategy of the City of Osijek for the next ten years.”

Mr. Dragan Vulin (Osijek-Baranja County)
“I would like to congratulate and thank all those who have participated in the organization of all 11 previous world challenge cups and who will participate in the organization of this year’s 12th competition in a row in very demanding circumstances. Thanks to the DOBRO World Cup and his results, Robert Seligman became the face of competition, Osijek sports, but also Croatian gymnastics and Croatian sports in general. As far as we have heard, 32 countries have applied this year. The fact that several hundred gymnasts and their coaches will come means a lot to Osijek and Osijek-Baranja County. Hotel facilities will be full during the competition and a few days in advance. The competition contributes not only to the popularity and development of sports but also to Osijek – Baranja tourism. Increases its visibility. Osijek-Baranja County supports the competition, and I hope that next year we will repeat the great FEELGOOD WEEKEND, an event that accompanied the DOBRO World Cup, but which also attracted many guests.”

Krešimir Šamija (Ministry of Tourism and Sports)
“DOBRO World Cup is recognized as the biggest competition in our country if we exclude the organization of European and world championships. I would like to emphasize that the DOBRO World Cup, by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, was rated as one of the three best rated and most valuable sports events out of a total of 16 supported by the Ministry in 2021. This year, we set aside 1.4 million kuna for the organization of the DOBRO World Cup. This is a proven quality sports event and I would like to congratulate you on a great organization, and I have no doubt that it will be the same this year.”

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