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FEELGOOD WEEKEND – Neno Belan&Fiumens and Massimo as an introduction to the DOBRO World Cup Osijek!

  • 17 May, 2019./ News

DOBRO World Cup, a FIG World Challenge Cup in Osijek / Croatia, has once more attracted the greatest names in the world of gymnastics to come to Osijek. In order for the world-renowned guests to enjoy Osijek and the time they spend in Croatia, the organizers have apart from the competition, organized for the second year in a row a festival that gathers admirers of food, wine, and music all in one place. The reason for this is simple, the FEELGOOD WEEKEND has thrilled thousands of visitors in the park of Petar Krešimir IV. It was too good for it to not happen again!

The event about which there was a lot of talk over the last summer arose from the idea on how to make the public draw of lots for the finals of the World Challenge Cup Osijek the most interesting. The decorated and well-lit park brought back urban entertainment that was missing in Osijek. Great food, great music, wine, cocktails, and great company were simply the best way to start the summer.

On 24 and 25 May you will be able to enjoy the FEELGOOD WEEKEND once more! After following the competitions of the DOBRO World Cup you can spend the night in the most beautiful park in Osijek. On Friday from 5 p.m. an excellent offer of different flavour will be brought to you by District 5, DOBRO and Plan B. After the public draw of the start numbers of the finalists of the DOBRO World Cup Osijek which will start at 8.30 p.m., there will be a performance from Neno Belan & Fiumens. On Saturday, Massimo (9 p.m.) will come onto the music stage, and you can enjoy yourself all day in the lounge atmosphere with the beats from Osijek’s best DJs.

“The positive atmosphere last year was partly because of the great ambiance of the park and a good offer, but I believe that the success of the FEELGOOD WEEKEND was mostly influenced by the element of surprise and the fact that us, the citizens of Osijek were in a dire need for new events and an urban atmosphere that was offered at our festival. Therefore, we hope the equally positive atmosphere will be present at this year’s FEELGOOD WEEKEND because, in the end, positive energy is the secret ingredient to any good event.”, pointed out with satisfaction Vladimir Mađarević, in front of the organization team of the FEELGOOD WEEKEND.

This year we will also try our best, but responsible for the success of the FEELGOOD WEEKEND will also be you, our citizens in good spirit. Let us prove that we can be good hosts and also enjoy ourselves.


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