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FEELGOOD WEEKEND thrilled thousands of citizens!

  • 27 May, 2018./ News

World Gymnastics Cup DOBRO World Cup will enter the final day of the competition today. Citizens of Osijek and other visitors will be able to take part in it in a good atmosphere because behind us is the FEELGOOD WEEKEND, Gastro&Wine&Music Festival at which we were all filled with lots of positive energy.
The wonderful two–day Festival which took place in the grounds of King Petar Krešimir IV in front of the Sokolski Dom started with a public drawing of the start numbers for the finals of the World Gymnastics Cup. Thousands of visitors got to know world- famous gymnastics names and the world-famous gymnastics names got to know the citizens of Osijek not only as a good audience but also as good hosts who presented their city in the most beautiful park in the city and showed an open, urban and playful character. This precisely was the reason for organizing the Festival.

Apart from the exceptionally visited concerts of the band S.A.R.S on the first night and Frajle on the second night, the visitors were enjoying excellent street food offer all day by the Lumier, American Bar Dollar, Muzej Okusa, Time, Hook&Cook and DOBRO products. They could also enjoy the sweets from Sunčana, the delicious and always different beverages from Trica and specially designed spritzers from the 4B winery.

The Plan B in Lounge version was a host for the small Osijek’s band Chordonblue which had during day fulfilled the park with jazz melodies and instruments. During night hours they transferred to the big stage in order to prepare the crowd for the upcoming concerts. Then with their offer and service came to a special expression from one side the FEELGOOD vintners and from another side, the craft brewers reinforced with an excellent, award-winning cocktail master Miro Kljajić.

Relaxing on the blankets, trying out delicacies underneath the treetops together, watching movies from swings, playing with the gymnastics equipment, juggling in the Blue and white corner… are only a part of the activities which gathered all generations in one place. Joy, laughter, good atmosphere and a good spirit took over the Park this weekend.

Similarly to skiing and the Snow Queen competition held in Zagreb, the same longtime and mutual love of the citizens of Osijek and gymnastics is becoming more stronger and recognizable.

DOBRO World Cup wants to thank all the citizens of Osijek for a pleasant company and a positive feedback with an invitation to escort the World Gymnastics Cup until the end and with a desire that this will not be the last FEELGOOD WEEKEND, Gastro&Wine&Music Festival in our city.

A special thanks goes to all the partners of the FEELGOOD WEEKEND Festival, the team under the leadership of the Osijek’s SMART agency who made this excellent project happen.


The second day of the DOBRO World Cup Osijek finals will present two more Croatian performances ¬– in High bar will perform the current World Champion in Montreal, Tin Srbić, and his club colleague Antun Kovačević.
2:00 p.m.: Rings (men)
2:36 p.m.: Balance beam (women)
3.18 p.m.: High bar (men)
3:53 p.m.: Floor (women)
4:34 p.m.: Vault (men)

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