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Longest gymnastic split in the world of 2248 meters breaked the previous record

  • 8 May, 2023./ News

Several thousand citizens of Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Čakovec and Osijek took part in the largest gymnastic endeavor in the world this year.This year’s 14th edition of the DOBRO World Cup in sports gymnastics will be held from June 5 to 11 in the city of Osijek, and the best prelude to the mentioned sports event was the promotion of the same in as many as 7 cities across Croatia. Citizens of Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Čakovec and Osijek had the opportunity to take part in the gymnastics endeavor “The Longest Gymnastic Split in the World”. Through the now recognizable project, athletes and amateurs gathered at the locations of 7 Croatian cities and set out to break the record from 2021, which was 1349 meters. This year, the gathered made a 2,248 meter long split, thus breaking the record set two years ago. This year’s record-breaking city was Čakovec, where the people gathered and achieved an impressive result of 743 meters.

“In anticipation of the fourteenth edition of World Cup in Osijek, we held a traditional event – “The longest gymnastic split in the world”. This year, we successfully connected seven Croatian cities, which represents an excellent promotion of sports and tourism for the whole of Croatia. We are always happy to encourage young people to play sports, and gymnastics, as the base of all sports, represents an excellent start to a sports career.” said Vladimir Mađarević, director of the DOBRO World Cup competition, from GD Osijek – Žito.

“Exactly at noon, with the firing of a cannon of the Zrinski Guard from the Old Town of Zrinski, this year’s Čakovec split began, organized by the Gymnastics Club “Marijan Zadravec Macan” Čakovec, the city and county sports associations and the Tourist Board of Čakovec. In the very heart of the city, with a symbolic beginning near the flags of the city, the county, Croatia and the European Union, members of the Zrin Guard, representatives of the political, public and cultural life of the city and the county, members of sports clubs, athletes and recreationists took their place in the Split. Promoters of this year’s Čakovec “split”: the best athlete from Međimurje County Filip Ude and his guest, winner of four Olympic and three world medals, owner of one large and five small crystal globes of world skiing, Ivica Kostelić. The gathered participants created a record-breaking 743 meter long split and on this sunny spring day once again showed that Čakovec and Međimurje County are really a city and county of sports.” said Mario Vukoja, from GK “Marijan Zadravec Macan” Čakovec.

“We are very glad that this year, for the third year in a row, we are participating in this event. An event that promotes gymnastics, sports and exercise as an important segment in our society. Last year the rain hindered us a bit, but this year we had a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who came and greetings to all the children and adults in all the cities who magnify this event.” said Josip Morožin, in front of GK Salto Zadar.

“The project “The longest gymnastic string in the world” took place in Dubrovnik today for the second time. We are very happy to have the opportunity to participate in the realization of the longest split on our beautiful Stradun. The season has started, so this year too there were a lot of curious tourists on Stradun and judging by their faces and the shutters on their cameras, we believe that our split delighted them as much as the City itself.” said Nikolina Klarić, from GK Dubrovnik.

“Today, an action called “The longest gymnastics split in the world” took place in Zagreb. Last year we were hindered by rain, but today, despite the rainy week, the sun smiled and shone on our hard-working gymnasts. With the curious looks of passers-by who supported us with applause, the split was performed by kids from Zagreb and Samobor rhythmic and sports gymnastics clubs. We hope that we have contributed to making the split in Croatia the longest in the world and that we have at least got some of the girls and boys present interested in gymnastics.” said Ozren Rađenović, from GK Novi Zagreb.

“On Rijeka’s Molo longa (Rijeka’s promenade), today, for the second time an event called “The longest gymnastic split in the world” took place, which is an announcement of the DOBRO World Cup in Osijek. This is to make young people, as well as everyone else, aware of sports and a healthy lifestyle. Many gymnasts from our city came, as well as dancers and other athletes accompanied by their parents and friends. We hope that the postcard from Rijeka left in the same cheerful tone as we experienced at the place itself, and that our message went far.” said Diana Lukašić, from GK Rijeka.

“In Split, the event “The longest gymnastic split in the world” is being held for the third time, with which we connect Croatian cities, starting with Osijek. We enjoy this event and interesting affirmation of Croatian gymnastics, and in this way we are part of the DOBRO World Cup Osijek. The split was performed by participants and mostly members of 9 gymnastics clubs. The festivities of Sudamje on the holiday of the city of Split, as well as numerous tourists added extra excitement to our gymnastics event.” said Deni Borozan, from GK Marjan Split.

Gymnastics as an interesting, dramatic and fun sport, especially when it happens at the elite level, once again brought together big and small sports enthusiasts and amateurs for a moment and enabled them to participate in setting a new magnificent world record.

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