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Osijek becomes the center of the gymnastics world in June

  • 6 May, 2023./ News

FIG World Challenge Cup – DOBRO World Cup Osijek, will be held from June 5-11 in Osijek, together with numerous entertainment events such as FeelGood Weekend, gastro-wine-music festival since everyone feels good in Osijek.

On the occasion of the 14th edition of the DOBRO World Cup in Osijek, which will be held from June 5 to 11 in Osijek, a press conference was held today. On this occasion, the organizers announced and presented the upcoming sports event to the general public in an attractive and interesting way, and in addition to the aforementioned, the press conference was attended by various expert speakers such as: Josip Pavić, State Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports; Josip Miletić, Deputy Prefect of Osijek-Baranja County, Ivan Radić, Mayor of the city of Osijek; Marijo Možnik, president of the Croatian Gymnastics Federation, Dubravko Šimenc, specialist coordinator of the Department for Special Marketing Projects of the Croatian Tourist Board, Josip Bičvić, member of the Žito Group Management Board and Vladimir Mađarević, director of the DOBRO World Cup.

“All of the following: the Gymnastics club Osijek – Žito, the City of Osijek, the Osijek – Baranya County and the Croatian Gymnastics Federation are doing a fantastic job. They push the boundaries in every sense. I must admit that I am really impressed with everything that is being done in the organization of the DOBRO World Cup. Everything around DWC that is being done in Osijek, in the Osijek-Baranja County, is an very good example in terms of promoting tourism and sports.”, said Josip Pavić, State Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

“I congratulate the organizers on a superb event that at the same time promotes sports and the tourist potential of our city and the Osijek-Baranja County. The promotion and popularization of gymnastics as a basic sport is extremely important, especially for the young generation, and it will certainly fit perfectly into the European Sports Region next year. The Osijek-Baranja County has been declared the European Sports Region for 2024, which we are extremely proud of. The Gymnastics club Osijek – Žito and the DOBRO World Cup certainly contributed to this prestigious title through a partnership with the Osijek-Baranja County.“, said Josip Miletić, Deputy Prefect of Osijek-Baranja County.

Important thing about Osijek gymnastics is that, in addition to its rich and glorious past, it also has a rich present, and I’m sure a rich future. Namely, there are three gymnastics clubs with 140 competitors, 1000 gymnasts, which is certainly impressive and a big pledge for the future. As for the DOBRO World Cup, it is registered on the map of the FIG, there is a lot of interest. The world’s best gymnasts come to the city of Osijek, as well as many tourists and we can truly be proud of that. The city of Osijek has never seen better tourist numbers and last year we were declared the best continental urban tourist destination. I must say that I am glad that the FeelGood Weekend is coming back, also an event that will enrich the offer in the city on the Drava.”, added Ivan Radić, the Mayor of the city of Osijek.

In addition to the sports part of the competition, this year’s edition will also be enriched with numerous accompanying contents such as: outdoor public training, a series of educations, the FeelGood Weekend festival and announcement event of DWC – the Longest split in the World. On Saturday, May 6, many citizens will gather in seven cities across Croatia to try to break the record from 2021, when the split was as much as 1,349 meters. Led by professional gymnasts, interested people of all ages from Zagreb, Osijek, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Split, Zadar and Čakovec can take part in this year’s record breaking.

“I am glad that Osijek will be the center of world gymnastics for the 14th time and I have no doubt that, like every time so far, it will be one of the best organized World Cup tournaments in the calendar of the FIG. Osijek will live gymnastics for 10 days and I believe the Gradski vrt sports arena will be full, they will be able to welcome the newly crowned European champion Tin Srbić, Aurel Benović who is the third runner-up in the World Cup this year, but also all the other Croatian national gymnasts whose favorite competition is Osijek.” – said Marijo Možnik, president of the Croatian Gymnastics Federation.

“Tourism and sports are closely related, and in this context, international sports events that enrich the tourist offer of destinations and that significantly contribute to their visibility and popularity come to a special expression. A lot of work is done to promote Croatia as a tourist destination through sports, sports events, but also through direct cooperation with numerous Croatian athletes, national associations and national teams. In this context, we also support the organization of the DOBRO World Cup, which attracts many competitors, representatives of domestic and foreign media, as well as visitors who can get to know all the charms of the Croatian continental offer with a special emphasis on city of Osijek and Osijek – Baranja County.” – said Dubravko Šimenc specialist coordinator of the Department for special marketing projects of the Croatian Tourist Board.

“It is a privilege to be a member of this team, it is a privilege to sit here with these people who support this project, not only the DOBRO World Cup, but also the year-long work and results that the Gymnastics club Osijek-Žito delivers. It is a great privilege to be part of the organization and we are already grateful for that from our side that we can be part of the project and we will certainly continue and support it.” – said Josip Bičvić, member of the Žito Group Management Board.

“This year, we are one of the ten official stages of the FIG World Cup/Challenge Cup competitions. It all started at the beginning of the year with the World Cups in Cottbus then in Doha, Baku, Cairo, then Varna, Tel Aviv, Osijek and in the autumn part Paris, Szombathely and Mersin. The points from the official stages and Osijek are of course counted in the final FIG rankings, where the gymnasts are later announced as the winners of the world cups in their disciplines. We expect top sports quality in Osijek this year as well, we already have more than thirty countries registered, which every year place Osijek as one of the most successful organizers in the World Cup series.” – said Vladimir Mađarević, director of the competition.

Gymnastics is interesting, dramatic and fun, especially when it happens at the elite level. Osijek is known as the best host, therefore, regardless of whether you like gymnastics, sports, food, entertainment, wine or just socializing, you are eagerly awaited in Osijek.

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