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  • 27 May, 2018./ News

The current World champion in High bar, Tin Srbić, won the gold medal at the DOBRO World Cup 2018, the tenth in a row World Gymnastics Cup which is held in the City Hall in Osijek. Srbić was supported by the refilled stands of the City Hall with an excellent performance and a starting of 6.1 convincingly won in the High bar leading with more than one point from the nearest competitor. The Croatian gymnast, who also celebrated a victory in Osijek in 2017 won this year’s competition with a score of 14.700 while the runner-up Lithuanian Robert Tvorogal got a score of 13.667. The third was the Swiss Taha Serhani (13.633). In the finals, in the High bar, Croatia had another representative. Anton Kovačević took the fifth place with a score of 12.867.

Tin Srbić:
– It was a very good performance in the finals although my injury is still not behind me. I did one of the best routines in the finals, although I was planning to perform one even stronger routine if it were not for this injury to slow me down a bit. Before the competition, the crowd gave me the chills. I felt the pressure at the warm-up but when I heard the crowd I was literally flying. I had a feeling that I could do another performance. The atmosphere was excellent as always and even better than last year. Well done to the organizers because this was the best World Cup up to now and every year it gets better and I honestly am not sure if it could get any better than this.

Anton Kovačević:
– I am pleased with the beginning of the routine, I performed all the harder elements. Unfortunately, I made one mistake and it was that I had a little too much speed in the Rybalko element. The judges scored that as a fall and if it were not for this like it would have been a very good grade. I am looking forward to the next competition, to new challenges and I will certainly come back next year to Osijek.


1. Denis Abliazin RUS 15,067
2. Ibrahim Colak TUR 14,667
3. Ali Zahran EGY 14,400
4. Yuri van Gleder NED 14,200
5. Igor Radivilov UKR 14,200
6. Gabriel Barbosa BRA 13,433
7. Eddy Yusof SUI 12,800
8. Yunus Gundogdu TUR 12,033

1. Diana Varinska UKR 13,000
2. Barbora Mokosova SVK 12,633
3. Laura Iacob ROU 12,467
4. Farah Hussein EGY 12,267
5. Maria Holbura ROU 12,133
6. Victoria Trykina RUS 11,800
7. Stefanie Siegenthaler SUI 11,133
8. Varvara Zubova RUS 11,133

1. Tin Srbić CRO 14,700
2. Robert Tvorogal LTU 13,667
3. Taha Serhani SUI 13,633
4. Umit Samiloglu TUR 13,333
5. Anton Kovačević CRO 12,867
6. Ludovico Edalli ITA 11,867
7. Marios Georgiou CYP 10,200
8. Ahmed Elmaraghy EGY 9,900

1. Diana Varinska UKR 13,367
2. Zsofia Kovacs HUN 12,800
3. Anamaria Ocolisan ROU 12,733
4. Barbora Mokosova SVK 12,567
5. Dorina Boeczoego HUN 12,433
6. Maria Holbura ROU 12,367
7. Tjasa Kysselef SLO 12,333
8. Angelina Radivilova UKR 11,067

1. Andrey Medvedev ISR 14,667 (14,600, 14,733)
2. Dominick Cunningham GBR 14,434 (14,500, 14,367)
3. Nicola Bartolini ITA 14,350 (14,567, 14,133)
4. Chih Kai Lee TPE 14,283 (14,333, 14,233)
5. Audrys Nin Reyes DOM 14,217 (14,500, 13,933)
6. Igor Radivilov UKR 14,183 (13,633, 14,733)
7. Denis Abliazin RUS 13,734 (14,067, 13,400)
8. Ahmed Onder TUR 13,534 (14,100, 12,967)


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